U DICTIONARY APK Free Download For Android

u dictionary app

From the advancement of travel resources, traveling has become a lot easier. People tend to travel from one corner of the world to others. With this, communication problem popped-out. The need for learning and knowing more than one language became necessary, without it, a traveler might not get full enjoyment. U-dictionary did that for you. With U-dictionary app download⤢ & installed on your phone, you can instantly translate your language to the desired language. The app records your speaking in your language and translates it into a required language. 

The u-dictionary application can translate as much as 30 different, most speaking languages around the world. The icing on the cake, you do not require a constant internet connection to get that translation. The app also works off-line, and translates your recording the way it does with an internet connection. So, now roaming around in a region, you do not know about has become easier than ever before. 

The lightweight translation application translates with just one tap. To use the offline version of the application, you need to have other additional dictionaries, depending upon the language you want to translate. 

With the application, a user not only translates words but short-phrases and much more. You can learn to speak a language, and practice skills in any language. From the home tab, you can get access to many short-tests and mini-games to practice a language you desire.

Other than having a translation of keyword or phrases, you can use the application to have the definition of different words via Wikipedia, Meriam Webster and Collins dictionary. You can listen to how to pronounce a word like a native, and record your speaking to check, whether you are speaking like them or not. 

The application also has integrated new courses or tests to uplift your language learning. You can take any course, as per your command on language- beginner, intermediate or expert. 

So, have this application stored on your Android phone, and learn a language following the simplest ways. 

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